The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA's) Liaison Officer service for small business owners and self-employed individuals.


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is the revenue agency (taxation authority) of the Canadian federal government charged with collecting taxes and administering tax law and policy.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers free personalized virtual visits or group webinars for small businesses and self-employed individuals across Canada through its Liaison Officer service. 

The liaison officer will also provide recommendations on how to strengthen your bookkeeping system and, if you’re having a personalized meeting, offer suggestions related to your books and records.

You can benefit from the Liaison Officer service through two mediums:

  1. personalized visits by phone or online (videoconference)
  2. webinars for associations or groups

Personalized visits by phone or online (videoconference)

During a personalized visit, a liaison officer will:

  • Answer your tax-related questions and address concerns
  • Discuss common tax errors and financial benchmarks in the small business community
  • Provide information on various online tools and electronic services offered by the CRA
  • Provide recommendations on how to strengthen your bookkeeping system
  • Discuss COVID-19 related measures, if needed

Webinars for associations or groups

  • Explain common tax errors
  • Demonstrate how to use financial benchmarks for relevant industries
  • Provide information on the CRA’s services
  • Explain general bookkeeping concepts and best practices
  • Discuss COVID-19 related measures, if needed

There are approximately 130 CRA liaison officers across Canada.

A visit from a Liaison Officer is 100% confidential; the information you choose to discuss with a Liaison Officer will not be shared with other areas of the CRA, or anyone else.

Since 2014, more than 77,000 small businesses have benefited from the CRA’s Liaison Officer service.

You can request for a virtual visit or webinar through the

For More Information: Visit the CRA’s CRA’s Liaison Officer Service Website

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