Thompson Aderinkomi


Thompson Aderinkomi is a Black American Business Executive and is prominently known as the Co-Founder & CEO of Nice health care. 

Early Career

Thompson in his early career said that In health care, there is very little direct-to-consumer interaction.  He then described his visit to the clinic with his one-year-old son as an “unpleasant, time-wasting, and expensive experience .” He knew there had to be a cheaper, better solution because he had previously worked as a healthcare economist. As a result, he rolled up his sleeves and launched his first venture.n

“I wish someone would have told me to take even bigger risks than we did. In the early days, everything seemed like a risk and there was no safety net for any of the founders. However, now looking back, I can see that there was no risk taken that destroyed us or that could have destroyed us, and the same is true today.” Thompson said. 

How and When they joined the company

Aderinkomi says some of his success can be attributed to his time at the Carlson School working on his MBA. Along with that Toby Nord, executive director of the Ventures Enterprise program. He says Aderinkomi’s success is in part because of his values-first approach.

“Thompson is caring, humble, and honest, that’s just who he is,” Nord says. “He has remained true to his values through the ups and downs of his 10-year entrepreneurial journey. This is reflected in the businesses he chooses to build, how he manages and operates those businesses, in his everyday relationships, and in the fact that his family remains central to his overall wellbeing, not the rise and fall of commerce.”

Nice Healthcare

Healthcare is not nice – it’s complex, hard to navigate, and just plain out of reach for many people in our country. We’re just like everyone else and we’ve all had a laundry list of negative experiences attempting to get care when we need it. That’s why we’ve joined together to do everything we can to change how people get and experience healthcare. Our mission is simple, make getting amazing everyday care easy and affordable.

Thompson Aderinkomi Nice Healthcare

With fully capitated pricing for smaller companies, Nice Healthcare has developed a nurse practitioner-led virtual at-home care model that is currently available in 18 cities. One of the distinctive features of the strategy is that it focuses on smaller communities that have largely been overlooked by startup models but still have enough density to enable a model like this. Most companies tend to target major metro areas. The in-home care play has produced a nice set of primary care delivery capabilities while aiming at a largely untapped employer and geographic market segment, giving Nice a big opportunity to expand into new regions. Nice will be able to make use of its current fundraising round to enhance its supply chain technologies and boost the effectiveness of its execution of supply and demand matching both virtually and physically.

Upbringing/Growing Up

Growing up Thompson remembers that he would only go to the doctor when it is a very big deal. For the most part, it would be a very time consuming trip for him, and a lot of waiting. He really did not like the idea of waiting a long time to only get to meet the doctor for a few minutes.


Thompson Aderinkomi attended the University of Minnesota where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 2002, a Master of Science in Statistics in 2004, and a Master of Business Administration from the Carlson School of Management in 2011. 

“Much of the strategy behind Nice Healthcare is based on numerous statistical analyses I conducted in the year leading up to Nice Healthcare launching. The data sets were public as well as private and without my undergraduate and graduate degrees in statistics I would not have had the knowledge and tools to conduct my own self-directed research that led to the founding of this company.” Thompson says. 

During the time he was in business, he was running his own business on the side.

“I use the skills I learned in entrepreneurship courses and the Ventures Enterprise every day in my work as CEO of Nice Healthcare,” he says. “And I still get advice and mentorship from people I met while in the program.”

Personal Life

He has been married for 17 years and has two young sons.


  • Real Power 50 - Issued by Minnesota Business Magazine · Feb 2015
  • Finalist - Leaders in Healthcare - Issued by Minnesota Business Magazine · Aug 2013
  • Diversity in Business - Issued by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal · Jul 2013
  • Board Star Award - Issued by MAPS for Non-Profits · Oct 2011

Thompson Aderinkomi is part of our Black Founders50 Series. Download the complete 2023 BBVA Founders50 list here.

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