The Purolator 2022 True North Small Business Grant Contest for Canadian small businesses


The Purolator 2022 True North Small Business Grant Contest offers four Canadian small businesses an opportunity to receive $20,000 in cash and $500 in free Purolator shipping credits along with a new “pay-it-forward” cash prize of $5,000, to be distributed throughout their community. The grant is designed to help small businesses grow and continue making positive impacts on our local communities.

The True North Small Business Grant Contest is a great way for Canadians to express their support and gratitude for hardworking small businesses. As a part of this year’s grant, the ‘Pay it Forward’ prizing will enable small businesses to do even more by giving back to their communities.

The grant contest was introduced in 2021. Combined with the 2022 contest, Purolator will have given back a total of $215,000 CAD in prizing to small businesses and their community members.


  • Small businesses that are based in Canada, legally licensed or registered to operate in Canada, and in good financial standing (no petition in bankruptcy or insolvency) are eligible for nomination.
  • In order to qualify to win a Grant Prize, a small business must remain in good financial standing throughout the contest period, including winner selection.
  • There is additional criteria related to Purolator employees, their vendors/partners, and family members and individuals they are domiciled with. 

Nomination Requirements

You can nominate a small business if you are a legal resident of Canada who has reached the age of majority in your Province or Territory of residence at the time of entry, and be:

  • A small business owner or founder self-nominating your own business, OR
  • A community member of a small business which includes:

    • Customer
    • Employee
    • Family/Friend
    • General Supporter/Community Member
    • Partner/Vendor
    • Purolator Frontline Employee

Grant Prizes:

There are four (4) Grant Prizes, each consisting of:

  • $20,000 cash
  • $5,000 to pay it forward
  • $500 in Purolator shipping credits

The selected Grant Prize recipients will be free to use the $20,000 cash prize in any way that legally benefits their business. The Pay It Forward prize component of each Grant Prize must be executed by the Grant Prize Winners at the latest by June 30, 2023. The Grant Prize Winner will be required to provide supplementary materials including a proposal describing the Pay It Forward project plan, objectives, audience, expected outcome, and a detailed budget (if applicable), and must receive approval from Purolator before the Pay it Forward prize is awarded.

There are six (6) Finalist Prizes each consisting of a $500 Visa‡ gift card available to each of the eligible small business Finalists who are selected to be in the Top 10 but are not awarded with a Grant Prize.

There are four (4) Nomination Prizes each consisting of a $500 Visa‡ gift card available to eligible nominators. One (1) of the four (4) Nomination Prizes will be reserved for a Purolator Frontline Employee and shall be done by a separate draw

How to Participate

  1. Small business owners/founders can apply by self-nominating their business for a grant.
  2. Customers, employees, vendors, and/or general supporters may nominate their favourite small business separately.

Nomination Deadline: May 31st 2022

For More Information: Purolator 2022 True North Small Business Grant Contest

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