Elevate: Canada's Next Sustainable Changemaker Challenge (Up to $25,000)


In partnership with Elevate, Mackenzie Investments launched Canada’s Next Sustainable Changemaker Challenge. This program is for any tech startup that wants to help in the global effort of creating a sustainable future. It aims at those enthusiastic about developing innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. The challenge is a 6-week program that provides mentoring and training in sales and fundraising. This opportunity allows one to collaborate with industry professionals passionate about impacting Canada’s net-zero emissions goal. Not just that, participants also have the opportunity to pitch to Mackenzie and their associates, potentially leading to introductions and connections to business partners. On completing this challenge, one could walk away with up to 10 awards and be eligible for the grand prize of $25,000 grants. These grants can help one further their green goals, allowing them to progress on environmental sustainability initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria

The startups eligible to apply for this program

Any tech startup that wants to help in the global effort of creating a sustainable future is eligible to apply for this program. The applicants should be enthusiastic about developing innovative ideas to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero. Startups that deal with sustainable solutions like renewable energy sources or alternate and clean technologies are eligible to participate in this program.

Participants’ eligibility restrictions

To qualify, the participants must be legal residents of Canada and have reached the legal age of majority as per the province they live in. They must not be affiliated with any parties involved in the development and production of the program. With those requirements met, visionaries can get the startup funding, connections, and mentorship needed to turn their project into something big.

Founder’s eligibility requirements

The founder must own an active and operational business based in Canada. Furthermore, the business must operate according to applicable laws, licenses, and regulations. For it to be considered eligible, the founder business’ head office or principal place of business must also be within Canadian borders. With these criteria, founders can benefit from the startup funding while further developing their businesses on Canadian soil.

The Grand Prize

The program parties will award the winner a CAD 25,000 grant. However, all associated costs from receiving the grant will be the responsibility of the grant winner. This includes any taxes arising from this particular win, income taxes especially. The grant is non-transferable, and it is up to the program parties and the grant winner to develop a payment agreement that suits both parties.

Timeline to Apply/Submission requirements

All applicants must submit their application through the website and adhere to the specific instructions and guidelines outlined. The application window for the initiative is from Dec. 12, 2022, at 9 a.m. until Feb. 14, 2023, at 11 p.m.; Applicants are kindly encouraged to check the website’s application form for a better understanding of how it works. Note that incomplete or irregular requests and those submitted through unlawful means or that do not meet these terms will not be considered.

More information on the program

The program will be virtual, lasting from Mar. 8, 2023, until Apr. 20, 2023. Further information about the program’s content and expectations can be found on the Program website at: www.elevate.ca/mackenzie-challenge.

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