Snapchat’s 523 Content Accelerator Program for minority-owned businesses


The Snapchat 523 Accelerator program is designed to support and spotlight small, minority-owned* content companies and creatives that traditionally lack access and resources — particularly when compared to larger competitors and publishers. The goal is to help them build their businesses and audiences through the creation of Shows for Discover.

You can apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • Minority ownership* — which is to say at least 51% of your company’s ownership must come from one or more underrepresented groups
  • Have gross revenue in 2021, or the last 12 months, less than $5M
  • Have less than 20 full-time employees
  • Agree to comply with our content guidelines
  • Agree to the content terms and conditions


Funding and resources

Funding of $10,000 USD per month to support your investment in concepting and filming content for Discover — our curated content platform.

1:1 mentoring

Mentorship from our Content + Media Partnerships team on how to best leverage the Snapchat platform to increase your engagement and business goals.

Partner education

Intimate workshops that provide insight into the Best Practices that’ll help you be successful, with sessions from experts across Snapchat — including Creative Strategy, Monetization, and more.

Exposure and marketing

Inclusion in our announcements and public events related to the 523 program.

Community engagement

Opportunity to connect with other companies within the 523 program, and build a stronger network through Snapchat.

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • The ability to produce a regular cadence of premium, creative Snapchat Shows 
  • Evidence of existing content that can be repurposed for Snapchat
  • Content that must be made for mobile and tailored for Snapchat
  • A personal statement providing compelling reasons why your business should be selected
  • Evidence of your company’s overall potential to benefit from the accelerator

For More Information: Snapchat’s 523 Accelerator Program

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