SPARK Calgary Cohort 2023 Applications Now Open.


SPARK Calgary 2023 is a one-of-a-kind program designed to help launch your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Hosted by the renowned W21C Research & Innovation Centre, home to incredible and innovative researchers and professionals, and supported by Innovate Calgary, a leader in helping local innovators realize their projects, SPARK Calgary 2023 is Canada’s premier learning program for aspiring business owners.

Brief Introduction to the Program

This innovation program is for digital health tech startup programs that have been in business for less than five years. It will provide up to four awards to eligible founders, granting them access to many benefits such as direct access to financial capital, technical guidance, mentorship, and specialized resources and training. These grants can help cover operational costs, marketing, technology upgrades, business growth, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a digital health tech startup that has been in business for less than five years.
  • Must have a valid business license.
  • Have a business plan with market validation and proof of scalability.
  • Have a legal entity registered in Canada.
  • Have a minimum of one full-time employee.
  • Must have demonstrated the potential to succeed with their business venture.

Benefits & Prizes

The successful applicants of The Calgary 2023 Cohort will have access to numerous benefits and prizes, ranging from financial capital to specialized training and resources. Upon joining, applicants will receive direct access to financial capital and capital for business growth to help cover operational costs, technology upgrades, marketing, and startup programs. They will also receive guidance on utilizing the funds best. Furthermore, they will have access to specialized training, mentorship, and free business services and resources.

In terms of awards, upon completing the program, applicants can receive grant rewards up to CAD 15,000 per team, depending on the project and initiatives proposed. This funding can be used for business expenses, such as securing additional resources or other innovative ideas to help grow their project. Winners of the program also receive an official seal of certification, proving the success of their ventures.

The gateway to success will ultimately depend on the individual’s ability to effectively utilize the capital and resources provided, along with the guidance and mentorship they will receive. Through The Calgary 2023 Cohort, business owners are provided with the necessary capital and resources to start up and grow their businesses while reaping the rewards of success.

Timeline to Apply/Submission Requirements

Applications for The Calgary 2023 Cohort are ongoing. Once applicants reach the end of this deadline, their submitted applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. All packages must be uploaded including a complete application form, business plan, and documents verifying eligibility criteria to this website,

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In terms of the application form, applicants must provide biographical information and other relevant details, including the team member’s history and proof of compliance with the eligibility criteria. Furthermore, applicants must also provide financial documents to ensure the proper use of the funds. Lastly, applicants must include a business plan, with a maximum of 15 pages, containing market validation and scalability proof. This document must provide an overview of the ideas behind the project, the market opportunity identified, and the proposed activities or initiatives.

Once all application requirements have been completed and submitted, applicants must wait for the evaluation period. During this time, personnel work together to select the most qualified applicants they deem to have the highest potential for success. During the review process, applicants may receive detailed feedback regarding their application. They can use it as a learning opportunity to build on and/or for present and future applications for other programs.

Upon completing the application process, applicants will be contacted regarding their results that same month. Winners of the program will have to agree to enter into a Sponsorship Agreement before being officially declared successful members of the program. They will also have to comply with the program’s code of ethics and may be asked to participate in other related events and activities.


In conclusion, The Calgary 2023 Cohort provides support and resources to empower digital health tech entrepreneurs to grow successful tech businesses. The applicants to this program will have access to numerous benefits, mentorship and specialized training, prizes, and up to CAD 15,000 for their business ventures.

For more information about the program and to apply, visit:

SPARK Calgary - W21C

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