Ascension: Fintech Cadence's 12-week Program for Founders who are Raising Funds.


Ascension Fintech Cadence is a startup program designed for startup founders who are raising funds. Ascension provides up-to-date education, mentoring, and resources on startup financing programs from seasoned fintech veterans. Our 12-week program provides founders with the knowledge, guidance, and connections they need to get the most out of their startup. It was founded by startup veterans and fintech experts who have years of startup experience. Through our tech accelerator program, startup founders can gain insight into the startup financing landscape and learn the best practices for startup financing.

Program Sponsor

Ascension Fintech Cadence is sponsored by a leading startup corporate venture capital firm in the United States. This sponsor provides an exclusive network of startup mentors, investors, and startup financing resources that are available to participating startup founders. Through this network, startup founders can connect with other startup professionals and learn about startup financing best practices.

Benefit and Prizes

The Ascension program offers a range of benefits and awards to eligible startups. First and foremost, startups will receive mentorship and guidance from experienced fintech entrepreneurs and industry experts. This mentorship will help startups navigate the challenges of scaling their business and provide them with valuable insights and advice.

In addition to mentorship, startups will also receive access to Fintech Cadence’s extensive network of industry partners, investors, and customers. This network can help startups secure funding, partnerships, and customers, which are critical for growth and success in the fintech industry.

Eligibility Criteria

There are several eligibility criteria that startup founders must meet to participate in the Ascension Fintech Cadence program. These criteria include:

  • Industry- The startup must be in the fintech industry.
  • Age- The startup must be less than 3 years old.
  • Team Size- The startup team size must be 2 or more people.
  • Location - Be based in Canada and have already launched your product or service.

Use of Program

This program has various benefits that startup founders can use in their marketing, operations, and more. Through this program startup founders will have access to unrestricted funds they can use for marketing, operations, and more. Moreover, startup founders can also avail of a wage subsidy that they could use to pay their employees. This program will help startup founders to optimize their startup costs and maximize their revenue.

Timeline to Apply/Submission requirements

The timeline for the application of the Ascension Fintech Cadence program includes:
Application deadline : March 17th, 2023
Selection Process : March 18th - April 5th, 2023

The Application Process involves the following steps:
Step 1: Submit startup profile, business plan, and startup financing requirement
Step 2: Wait for the review of the startup application by the Ascension Fintech Cadence team
Step 3: If a startup is accepted, startup founders will receive an invitation to join the program
Step 4: Complete the startup program within 11 weeks.


Ascension Fintech Cadence is an exclusive startup financing program for startup founders in the fintech industry. Through this tech accelerator, startup founders can gain access to exclusive startup financing resources, startup kits, and mentorship from startup veterans. Moreover, startup founders can also win startup financing awards and startup kits if they complete the program successfully. This is a great opportunity for startup founders to make the most of their startup financing and create an effective startup financing strategy. If startup founders meet the eligibility criteria, they can apply for the program before March 17.

The startup programs are suitable for startup founders who have raised less than $1M in equity and are looking for resources to optimize startup costs, maximize startup revenue and grow their business.

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