Edmonton Unlimited's Tech-Agnostic Experts on Demand Program.


Are you a non-profit organization or an innovative tech company facing the global challenges of our time? A tech-agnostic version of Experts on demand will have you sorted out. Fully funded by Edmonton Unlimited, this program aims to support locally opened tech companies willing to showcase their innovation in work and business models. Experts on demand will help your company/business with much-needed support by showcasing numerous business models. This act is aimed at getting the global challenge solution to challenges facing businesses today. On November 17 2022, ten awards were given to companies and individual innovative businesses for their contribution to the innovation space.

Criteria for applicants

• Your innovative business or non-profit organization must be in Edmonton.
• Your business should have displayed traction towards commercialization.
• You must be ready to grow your business.
• You are willing and able to commit much of your time to have the knowledge needed to run your business.
• Your business or non-profit organization is tech-enabled. This means that it is scalable through technology and has the ability to expand beyond what your skill can manage in terms of availability and locations.
• Your business must be innovative. This means that it is based on a product that cannot be duplicated.
Once your business has met these requirements and is considered successful, you will be connected to your expert of choice, who will provide you with quality information on moving your business to the next level. No costs in the form of fees are incurred because Edmonton Unlimited pays the expert.

Benefits for the successful applicants.

While not all businesses and organizations will be lucky to meet the eligibility criteria, there are many reasons why those who meet can celebrate. Successful applicants will be connected to an expert who will accord them up to 100 hours of business-specific one-to-one business coaching. The operational topics to be covered within the 100 hours will include the following.
• Restructuring the company
• How to develop opportunities for business growth
• Help establish corporate goals and keep track of the performance
• Spearhead the creation of company plans and corporate strategies
• Collaborate with the executive team to guarantee efficient cash flow management
• Help in acquiring lead clients or partners in the business.
• Organize a strategy for protecting and reviewing the intellectual property.
• Help with hiring and onboarding of executives, board members, and staff.
• Perhaps the most important is they will help you secure financing for your business.
One of the most incredible things about this program is that it provides opportunities for students, startups, running businesses and even those with business ideas.
In the accelerator program, Edmonton Unlimited in partnership with three levels of government, is providing funding to startup businesses and running businesses meant to boost their growth.
In addition to being part of the team of innovators, your company is eligible for awards won in recognition of its contribution to the innovation ecosystem. For instance, in 2022, categories such as the Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur of the Year, Tech Deal of the Year, Digital Talent of the Year, and ATB Impact Award, among others, were awarded to the best companies.

What do you need to apply to benefit from Tech-Agnostic Experts on Demand Edmonton Unlimited?

Tech Agnostic Experts on Demand is currently a pilot program taking applications from applicants who meet the criteria explained above. It is meant to assist startup tech companies with innovative ideas.
You need to meet the criteria given above. Application forms are found on their page. Qualifying for the Edmonton Unlimited program is based on a competitive application where a community panel selects those who qualify. Areas of interaction in the company include connection to the community and complementary support. To qualify, you don’t have to have experience with the Edmonton programs before. Applications are ongoing to benefit from this program which is currently in the pilot stage.
In conclusion, businesses face myriad challenges in the current world. Many startup businesses need more knowledge and have limited capital to sustain them through the hard economic times. It is relieving, however, to have a willing partner to provide these startups with both the knowledge and funding to enable them to stand. Thanks to Edmonton Unlimited for spearheading this role likely to be the global challenge solution. Best-performing companies in various categories have won awards in various categories, including Tech Deal of the Year and the Digital Talent of the Year, among others.

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