BBVA Black Seed Tech Accelerator

A 12-week accelerator program for high potential Pre-seed to Seed, Black-led tech startups based in the Canadian Prairies and British Columbia.

BBVA hosts the 3-month seed accelerator two times per year— one from March - May and one from September - November.

Not sure if you qualify for this program or want to learn more? Get in touch with our Programs Team.

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The Program

100% Virtual Program

The accelerator runs virtually for twelve weeks, with weekly workshops, programming, and is delivered in the evening to accommodate our founders.

Paired Coaches

As part of BBVA's Seed Accelerator program, selected founders are paired with BBVA coaches to help guide them.

Equity Free

The program is at no cost to you and is Equity Free.




A Black-led founder or co-founder.

Prairies & British Columbia-based

Startup should be based in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or British Columbia.


Technology is a core part of the solution.

Defined Business Model

The founder(s) have identified a transparent business model.

Commenced Customer Discovery

The founder(s) have started initial customer discovery process.


Have a team consisting of either co-founders or employees.


What we offer

1:1 Coaching with industry experts

Get access to experienced professionals in the startup community. Their expertise is valuable as you build your business and grow your professional network.


Meet and network with Black founders who are building impactful businesses and transforming their communities.

Perks and resources

Participants in the BBVA Black Seed Tech Accelerator receive exclusive resources to crucial services.

Professional Advisory sessions

Get access to professional advisory services for accounting, legal, hiring, mental health and fundraising.


Venture Coaches

Our network of coaches includes a variety of individuals made up of founders, small business owners, early employees from successful startups, and experienced entrepreneurs.

team member Omi
Omi Iyamu
ACE, CTO & Co-Founder, (ex-Google, ex-Microsoft Product Manager)
team member Aisha
Aisha Addo
Power To The Girl Foundation, Founder & Mentor
team member Emma
Emmanuel Oluwatosin
StartupCourt, Director & Co-Founder, (ex- Microsoft, ex- Nokia)
team member Ijeoma
Ijeoma Madueke, CFA
Sustainalytics, Manager
team member Shar
Sahr Saffa
Sauce Labs, Product Marketing Manager


BBVA Seed Accelerator Alumni

Meet some of Canada's most promising black-led tech startups we have supported in our accelerator program.


Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our program works and what can do for you.

How does the application process work?We work in 3 phases to access your application.
Phase 1: Submit your application online.
Phase 2: Shortlisted teams will participate in a virtual interview.
Phase 3: Selected candidates will be notified ahead of the program start date.
How is it Canadian Prairie and British Columbia specific?We’re focused on the Prairie region & British Columbia because there are currently no existing programs for Black tech founders in this region.
Will this be 100% virtual?Yes.
What language will the program be in?English.
How demanding is the program?We recommend that you allocate 15-20 hours a week to get the most out of the accelerator.
Is there a fixed schedule?Yes, the program runs from September 13th,2022 - November 29th, 2022.
Do we need to have a team?Ideally, we’d prefer that you have a co-founder or another person working with the founder and part of the program. If you already have a multi-disciplinary team of 3-5 people and would like to work together on the same company project, you can participate as a team.
What happens after the program?We continue to give advice and make introductions as long as our startups need — and so does the informal network of BBVA's companies.

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