Alberta Innovates' Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) Program (Up to $250,000 in funding)



Alberta Innovates’ Digital Innovation in Clean Energy (DICE) program aims to boost the development of technologies that contribute to the digital economy, reduce emissions in the energy sector, and enhance energy production efficiency.


The DICE program is open to a diverse group of participants, such as tech developers, sector professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises, research entities, higher education institutions, local governments, non-profit groups, government labs, and individuals. These participants are expected to focus on technology development within the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum of 3 to 7.

While the program is not exclusively for those based in Alberta, applicants need to show how their work will notably benefit the Province and be in line with the program’s key objectives.

How to Apply

To apply, applicants should:

  1. Review the Program Guide for Digital Innovation in Clean Energy.
  2. Register on the SmartSimple online application portal.
  3. Complete and forward a Comprehensive Proposal via SmartSimple.
  4. Await the review of their proposal for funding recommendations​​.


The Program offers financial assistance of up to $2.5 million over an 18-month period, with individual project funding capped at $250,000 for proposals focused on technology development.


The deadline for application submissions is February 1, 2024. This gives applicants ample time to prepare and submit their proposals​​.


The DICE program presents a unique opportunity for innovators and organizations to contribute to the clean energy landscape in Alberta. By supporting diverse technological advancements, the program not only fosters economic growth but also aids in the transition to a more sustainable energy future.

With a clear application process and a set deadline, interested parties are encouraged to seize this opportunity for development and recognition in the field of clean energy innovation.

For more information: visit Digital Innovation in Clean Energy.

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